A very introspective look into CoolMessenger

My school uses a program similar to MSN Messenger to keep in touch during the day. Unfortunately, my Korean is beyond minimal and I have to throw things into Google Translate to get some idea of what’s being said. To be honest, most of it seems like navel-gazing, but I think that’s a function of the program.

Today, however, someone sent this beautiful piece of accidental poetry, as translated by the good folksbots at Google:

To respect your family [school name]

   Sent exceptionally better this summer. Now the scent of autumn is felt in the morning and evening.
   Telegram saying during the vacation properly raise Won’T not been pulled out. In retrospect seemed to come to school the day before yesterday, [school name] already four years have passed since the sniffles. There are many things, but we were happy’ll share them remember things. Things you wish during your stay uncomfortable beorip to blow hotter.
   Naehwang elementary school I go away, and not too far from my house, remodeling is a clean and seems to clean well. Satisfied. Moving the phone came back to school celebration usually I was pretty up the phone. In fact, one heh heh I hope that’s where one horse. This is where the confluence of rivers Dongcheon Taehwagang. Flower bike ride in the river along the way it seemed to be the commute. Is easy to say well I do? Come near to bump stop. How do you amuse?
   This is just NOT the edge of contact is made​​. I will cherish. Life is always healthy and flowering Become laughter.

If you do not wear glasses **, even if just a little far better to recognize who has an incurable disease.

2,013. Six. 30. Sinchiyong dream.


Throwing milk, throwing shoes: guidance in life

Staff never drink driving ban
   (Once caught – reprimand , an exposure of 2 – honesty, caught three times – dismissal)
Five . Carefully observe the situation of child abuse
Six . Throwing milk , shoes thrown life guidance


I would say we should be doing more than just observing child abuse. maybe we should, like, intervene.

Google Translate is nowhere near fluent

We all know the Google Translate is a dangerous bitch. I remember trying to cheat on my French homework back in the 90s and getting burned by Babelfish. Online translators are just no good.

My second-graders were trying to give me my Korean homework (they are diligent) and were using Google Translate to communicate this to me. I’m not sure what they meant to type, but it came out as “Monday ladies fucking.”

I guess we’ll have some wet weather.

More accidental CoolMessenger poetry

Songjeong who worked in elementary school
The wedding of the second son of Sir immisuk
Is done as follows .
Those acquainted usually attend should please
A coming to please

Sir Immisuk sounds like a fun guy.


Do not tell Principal Principal gyesilttae 1,050.

Put the power of the drawn and roll fans did you do it? .. ^ ^

In each classroom until tomorrow various electric heater, stove, coffee pot, and a mass if applicable.

Not be able to use in the classroom you have never laid.

Seumban front of the school is not having put in a private warehouse yours, not take it home.

Starting next week, you attach an unconditional collection.

Often in the early morning hours by the principal classroom and around the school sees.

Excuse me for saying this, but please just watch.

I have never been laid in my classroom, which I guess explains why they took away my space heater today.


Teachers, school play in the movie world are downloading with ~ ~ ~ did you embarrassed?
I panic too large capacity stacked! ^ ___ ^

After some reduced capacity
-2013 Kulbakseu. Album -2013 school play videos in your Movies folder will be provided, immediately.

It will take a little time ~ ~ ~ Come on ~ I know you want to see the teachers feel that ass and can contribute it!

I definitely want to see the teachers feel that ass, but I don’t know if I can contribute.